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Most EHRs focus on providing you with a prebuilt feature set and lock you in forever. We provide a platform with industry standard vendor-neutral APIs to build your next big ideas on top of.

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The Operating System for Healthcare Apps

Getting healthcare data right is not easy. Deliver value easily by building your applications on battle-tested industry standard APIs.

Medblocks UI

Open-source openEHR form builder for clinical workflows

Use Medblocks UI, our core open-source offering that powers all of our clinical workflows to build applications that make data entry seamless.


Unlock the value of clinical data using industry standard terminology support built-in

All the latest industry standards such as SNOMED, LOINC and ICD10 are included and ready to use in the Medblocks stack.

Data Migrations

Seamless data ops that keeps your business going

Using Nifi on Apache Kafka your existing data sources can be used along with Medblocks Clinical Data Repository. Seperate your business operations and clinical workflows with Medblocks

Get started building apps that leverage the latest standards in healthcare

Request to get access to Medblocks Ignite Sandbox today.

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

We believe that everyone wins by developing reusable applications that can deliver better outcomes.

Medblocks Cloud

If you are starting out and want to get started immediately with the Medblocks ecosystem


  • openEHR Data Repository
  • FHIR Clinical Data Repository
  • Medblocks Ignite
  • Email and Password Authentication
  • 15GB of structured clinical data
  • 20 users
  • Prebuilt SNOMED CT Server
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Medblocks Self-hosted

If you are looking to scale out and want to have complete control of your data


  • Setup on AWS, GCP, Azure or Digital Ocean
  • openEHR Clinical Data Repository
  • FHIR Clinical Data Repository
  • SSO & SMART Authentication
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Customizable SNOMED CT Server
  • Medblocks Ignite
  • Unlimited users and patients
  • Regular maintanence and updates
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Medblocks Enterprise

If you know what you want to build and want our technology and team to help you get there

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  • All features of Medblocks Self-hosted
  • Priority support and consultation
  • Data migration Service
  • SNOMED CT Authoring Service
  • Medblocks UI Support and Training
  • openEHR and FHIR Training
  • Support building Medblocks Ignite Apps
  • Clinical Decision Support Engine
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