Encrypted medical data on the P2P filesystem made immutable using Distributed Ledger Technology, while at the same time enabling analysis using secure, privacy-preserving techniques.

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Built to stay secure

With strong client side encryption, there are no excuses for sensitive information like medical records still being transmitted and stored the way it is today. Medblocks is built from the ground up keeping security in mind. It uses quantum resistant Winternitz signature schemes to secure every bit of data for decades to come.

Decentralised to the core

No one person or organization holds your data in their server. By removing a single point of failure, it is next to impossible to lose your data with distributed clusters storing redundant copies of the encrypted medical records.

Built in Accountability

By using Distributed Ledger Technology, MedBlocks ensures accountability of every record created. An audit trail is trivial to compute and data cannot be tampered with.

Truly Own Your Data

The patient truly has ownership of their medical data. They have full power to delegate access to any healthcare provider. They can also monetize their data to help research organizations, while earning crypto assets automatically through smart contracts.

Anonymous Data Analytics

MedBlocks enables everyone from epidemiological researchers to insurance companies to learn patterns about a group of patients and gain insights, without compromising on the privacy of any of the individuals in the group. This is achieved by using state-of-the-art homomorphic encryption, differential privacy and federated learning techniques.

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Concept and Demonstration

First prototype of medblocks. Uses BigChainDb and IPFS. Command line interface built with Python.

Hardware prototype with Web Interface

Integrated with SANA Box for SANA. Uses raspberry pi for hardware. IOTA tangle, CouchDb for more faster processing.