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Technology that gets the Job Done

The Healthcare IT space is filled with standards, abbreviations and legacy systems. We provide you with a bundle of open-source microservices and tools that get the job done. So instead of worrying about setting up a FHIR server, or reinventing authentication, you can start focusing on your application's logic.

Healthcare Apps Ecosystem

Writing software for healthcare is hard-work. Deploying these as standalone apps, on a common data model using openEHR archetypes and FHIR profiles benefits everyone. Work on your own specialized app for the clinic and use existing apps for common use cases like e-prescription, labs and demographics. And maybe one day, publish your app for the world to use!

Data Unlocked

With proper clinical modelling and powerful tools, unlock the real value in clinical data. From Clinical Decision Support to Population Level Research, AQL can help you answer any clinical question. For Business Analytics, crunch your data with ease by using well defined FHIR Profiles for common use cases like Patient Encounter, Invoices and Insurance Claims.

Our Projects


Medblocks UI

Web components for fast and interactive UIs compliant with openEHR and FHIR.


Medblocks VSCode Extension

VSCode Extension to work with webcomponents using openEHR templates and FHIR profiles


Technology Proudly Used

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Although most of our tools are free and open-source, we are here if you need us. Our team of developers, clinical modellers and data scientists can help take your idea off the ground.

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