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Give your EHR superpowers

Convert your current EHR into an integrated suite that contains all your current applications without disrupting your existing workflows. A single place to manage all your data, gain insights and make data driven decision to improve patient care and outcome.

The OpenEHR Course Course

The openEHR is an open standard for vendor neutral specifications in health informatics. Our openEHR course is the industry leading and the latest guide to learn about the specification. Meant for everyone from developers to senior managers who need strong foundation to build the healthcare IT of tomorrow.

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Trusted by the best in the industry

Vitagroup AG Vijay Williams COVID Care Portable Health Clinic

Government of
Andra Pradesh

"The process of interaction and development of the product was very smooth, progressive, and meaningful. Timelines were adhered to, communication was clear and the product was prepared such that we were ready for the next wave."

Dr. Sunil Gokavi

Vijay Williams Covid Care, India

"I would like to express gratitude on behalf of the Health and Welfare Department, Andhra Pradesh for the outstanding contributions made by you. Your passion and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of ABDM integration were remarkable. Your work on building and setting up a cryptography microservice, SNOMED CT server, mapping from local terms, and coming up with appropriate queries for drop-down lists were extremely helpful in our IT Team in integrating ABDM Services. We are grateful for your effort and contributions"

Katameni Bhaskar, IAS

Commissioner, Health and Wellfare, Andra Pradesh

Revolutionary Cloud Stack

A modern cloud stack that is built and designed to cut down overhead, be fast and interoperable. Architecture tested at scale in each deployment. All of the latest technology under the hood - Kubenetes, Postgres, Cloud Events, React and Svelte.

Medblock Cloud Stack
dm+d FHIR open EHR open EHR
Medblocks Data

Integrate all your data in one place

Healthcare data is distributed over many applications adhering to multiple standards. Data silos are large and immobile often making workflows slow, with Medblocks stack all your data and workflows stay in one place complaint with all standards and no vendor lock-in. We store data using openEHR and FHIR standards meaning that data can be retrieved in the future for data driven decisions.

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Lets build the next generation of patient care

Medblocks is a digital healthcare management system built for the future. Book a demo and know how you can elevate clinical decision making with lesser overhead.

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