Jobs Openings

Thank you for you interest in MedBlocks. We are working on technology that might change the future. The Distributed Ledger Technology space is changing very rapidly. We are looking for fast learners. So, do not worry if you don't know a particular language or technology. You are more than welcome if can learn fast.

Please write an email with your resume to [email protected].

Your mail must include:

  1. The opening you are interested in
  2. Previous work experience
  3. Link to your Github profile
  4. Statement of purpose - i.e The reason you want to be a part of MedBlocks
You can apply for multiple openings.

Front-end Javascript Developer

All your work will go into developing the the Web interface. Since most of the time encryption is client side, there will be a lot of heavy lifting encryption and decryption done here. We need your help making medblocks.js for easy integration into hospital apps.


  • Basic HTML and JavaScript
  • Framework - VueJS
  • Interaction with REST API
  • Basic cryptography techniques - RSA, AES
  • Encryption, Decryption and Signing using WebJs or CryptoJS

Back-end NodeJS Developer

All the moving parts are built as microservices. Containarization technology and REST API communication paradigm is essential.


  • NodeJS microservices
  • Container technology using Docker
  • ZeroMQ - for communications with other microservices
  • NoSQL JSON database - CouchDB
  • REST API endpoints

Back-end Python Developer

Most of our current microservices are written in Python. You will help in improving them.


  • Django Web Framework
  • Container technology using Docker
  • REST API using Django Rest Framework
  • ZeroMQ - for communications with other microservices
  • NoSQL JSON database - CouchDB

C++/Go Lang Developer

We are looking to make parts of the code base more effecient by rewriting it in C++ or Go for faster runtimes.


  • Effecient algorithm design
  • Experience with C++ or Go
  • Concurrency handling
  • Event driven programming

Back-end JAVA Developer

IOTA, the Distributed Ledger Technology we are using is written in JAVA. We want you to write IXI modules as extension to IOTA. If you are confident with JAVA, but don't know anything about IOTA don't worry. Just write to us.


  • JAVA programming
  • Basics of Encryption and Decryption
  • IOTA Tangle architecture
  • IOTA IXI modules