A complete platform for your clinical workflows

Medblocks Ignite is a developer first EHR built Solely on top of vendor neutral APIs like openEHR and FHIR.

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Developer first platform

Cut time to market with Medblocks toolchain

Medblocks Developer Docs

Development sandbox

Develop your apps in a secure sandbox with live testing

Extensive Documentation

All tools and methods are documented on our site

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Empower staff with our training materials

Open source at the core

Free and accessible tools with no lock in

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Learn how the Medblocks Ignite platform can help you undertake digital health transformation

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Enterprise ready

Feature complete and ready to deploy in all cloud environments across all regions.

Cloud first

Seamless deployment and updates with cloud native deployment


Integrate with existing FHIR systems, billing systems and use Medblocks Ignite without disrupting your workflows


Practitioners, Admins, IT personnel and Analysts all of them can be onboarded easily with our onboarding team


Go from serving one location to hundreds in a matter of minutes


Onboard your users on with your existing auth provider with built-in access control


Run your business intelligence on the fly using our analytics backend