I believe that it should be easy for everyone to learn and implement standard based health informatics systems. I have made most of my content available for free on Youtube. Playlists on openEHR, FHIR and SNOMED can be found on my channel.

Consultation sessions are not lectures on a topic. They are instead practical implementations of technology fine-tuned to your own project. Our team of developers and clinical modellers will try their best to provide hands-on help with your implementations. However, we are not a development agency. You will have to bring your own development team.

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Standard Sessions


  • An average session lasts for an hour, rounded off to the nearest 30 mins. 1 hour 30 mins will count as 2 sessions, while 1 hour 15 mins count as 1 session.

  • 10 sessions / month and priority support. For teams requiring long-term clinical modelling and implementation support.


openEHR Starter Pack

  • Get up and running with your clinical data using openEHR. All the sessions are personalized to your needs and uses your clinical data templates as examples.

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FHIR Starter Pack

  • Understand FHIR, and start profiling resources for your use case. Implement your business logic in FHIR, with hand-on examples on mapping to and from FHIR.

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SNOMED Starter Pack

  • Enable semantic interoperability with using the most prefered terminology across the world. Set up your own SNOMED CT server and start creating reference sets and extensions for your implementation.

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